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About Marie

Wife, mom, grandma, Army vet, yoga teacher, life coach, program manager, and published author, Marie Triplett has become a master life juggler. After overcoming a childhood of adversity built on sexual abuse, devastating loss, and founded in poverty Marie clawed her way out of hardship and set out to build a life she always dreamed of despite the odds. Marie is impassioned to help people speak up and speak out in their lives, and she is dedicated to inspiring others to find and take back their power.


Check Up From Your Neck Up


Private, Corporate, & Group Yoga


This book is a must-read, I’ve read many books in my life but nothing compares to this book. It’s one of the most inspirational books to help you get through life as it says in the title. I’ve suffered from depression anxiety and panic attacks severe panic attacks for around five years now due to a very disturbing time in my life. So I love to read books to help me overcome and become the person I want to be a few books have helped but this book has changed my life already and I know this is the start to a new life for me. ~Jade M.

 I just got the book today and completed week 1 and the journal exercise. I can not wait to complete week 2, hoping I can hold out to next week. I have been watching Marie for quite some time and love her Monday Mantra's and Wednesday Wine. She is motivating and inspirational. A lot of times it feels like what she discussed was meant for me and was just what I needed to pull myself out of the funk and move in the right direction. I am excited to complete these weekly mantra's and the journal exercises that follow. Marie, thank you for inspiring me and helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel when I can barely see in front of me. ~Sherry K.

What makes Marie's teaching special is that it encompasses the whole of yoga, that being of mind, body, and spirit.   I believe her to be an excellent teacher for all levels of yoga, as her gift for storytelling and descriptive movement help anyone feel at ease in her class.  With her emphasis on gratitude and self-love, I always leave class feeling like my time was well spent.  Marie is the real deal, meant to teach and doing what she loves, and that feeling conveys to her students. ~Shelley C.

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